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Performance Management and Measurement


One of the biggest challenges to every CIO and senior executive today is the determination of where and how much to invest in IT, IT support and resources. Many CIOs from companies and organizations of every size are using TAC benchmark services to provide the type of customized performance metrics that can help in making those determinations.

Each offering follows a systematic process of data collection, validation, statistical analysis, and report generation using a database of more than 1600 clients in more than 25 industries, and a state-of-the-art, intuitive analytical system. The database contains more than 200 metrics for each of the ten assessment modules or functions supported. The benchmark final reports provide results containing required metrics associated with the functional area being assessed.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Benchmarks, audits, and assessments give you a new view of the operating efficiency of your organization and infrastructure.

High performance has become a way of life for vitually any enterprise. The need to continually improve, reduce costs and increase efficiency to remain competitive is the foundation of improving performance. Enterprises have grown to understand that effective measurements will enable them to best understand which costs to reduce and what actions to take to improve efficiency without negatively impacting performance.

Any organization can benefit from assessing the cost, effectiveness and efficiency of their IT group, but traditional methods can take months to complete and are usually cost prohibitive. TAC clients leverage the flexibility and rapid delivery of benchmarking, audits, and assessments to get the information they need at price points to fit well within the budgets of small to medium-sized businesses.

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Benchmarking Modules
(functional areas):

  • Distributed computing
  • Help desk
  • Mainframes
  • Mid-range servers
  • Wide area data networking
  • Telecommunications—wireline
  • Telecommunications—wireless
  • Telecommunications—PBX
  • Application development
  • Application support
  • Cyber security
  • Operations
  • Database administration

Benchmarking Services

IT Audits and Assessments:

TAC audits and assessments provide a cost effective, fast and efficient analysis and evaluation of the current IT environment, functions, and/or processes within an enterprise, and provide:

  • An assessment and evaluation of the selected current state environment, function and/or process
  • A gap analysis comparing the current IT environment, function and/or process to best practices
  • A set of recommendations for improvement to better align with the business needs
Audit/Assessment Areas:
Audit/Assessment Services:
  • Business Intelligence
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Data Privacy Compliance
  • Electronic Health Record
  • E-Business
  • ERP
  • Information Quality Management
  • IT Applications
  • IT Measurements
  • Quality Assurance & Testing Process
  • Software Asset Management
  • ProcessService Management
  • Information Security
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Service Management
  • Network
  • Scorecard and Dashboard
  • Storage Area Network
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